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Welcome to
The website of Vivian Ogea Allen

I am a painter...always have been...always will be.

The painting above is titled, The Sitters Are Here! This painting was inspired by
memories of babysitting the neighbors kids with my best friend, Debbie.
My beatnik paintings, as of 2016, have nearly passed the 500 mark since their 2002 debut! This series depicts the lives of Ivan and Mme V Bongo, their triplets, Zeke, Ivy and Dylan, their Siamese cat, Lil and her kittens. I paint entertaining scenes of Ivan and Mme V at work at the Cool Cat Cafe, their home life, riding their scooter, driving their little car, walking the cats, shopping or just sitting on a park bench. Perry, the neighbors Poodle, is Lil's favorite playmate and appears in many of the paintings, sometimes with his human, Sweetie, who is the wife of their boss, Sam.

I also paint mermaids and fairies!

The links at the top of the page will take you to more of my art.
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Deep Sea Glow

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Pink Oleander

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You Left Your Lights On
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Farewell Night at the Cool Cat Cafe
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All of my paintings are signed V O Allen.
The links below show my paintings that are
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for my artwanted portfolio. Yea ArtWanted!

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