Out Of The Blue
The Day Became Green
Written and illustrated by Vivian Ogea Allen

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I am so happy to introduce to you my children's book,
Out Of The Blue The Day Became Green

It is a short story, written and illustrated by me, Vivian Ogea Allen, about my life as a grandmother with a blend of truth and fantasy within my own fairyland.
It measures 6"x9" with 44 pages containing 1204 words and is written in rhyme as children of all ages love how poetry seems to make words dance.
There are 18 colorful illustrations from my original paintings in between a glossy, soft cover that features my rocking chair and beautiful cane.

You will get a peek at how I, as a grandmother, painter, writer and story teller, spend time with my grandchildren when they come to visit. They have listened to a multitude of my made-up tales, of which this one is their favorite.

While in the process of writing this story I came to a fork in the road when, out of the blue, the answer came to me through my ArtWanted friend, Charles W. Redman, Jr., who carved a beautiful cane, The Snake Charmer, especially for me just because I sent him a few walnut tree branches from trimmings that would have ended up in the burn pile. With his unexpected kindness of this cane I was inadvertently directed toward the right direction, not only for the conclusion of my story, but the beginning, too.
There is a reason for everything.

I have chosen to do everything except the printing and binding. I used no agent, editor, illustrator or publisher. You will receive a signed book directly from me.

Book $9.99 plus shipping.

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